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Ordering your holiday turkey with Natural Grocers is just as organic, natural and simple as the turkeys themselves

  • Natural Grocers STEP ONE

    Pick the turkey size and type that best fits your planned holiday celebration


    Select the Natural Grocers pick-up location that works best for you


    Reserve your turkey until pickup with only a $5 deposit


    Pick up, weigh, pay and go on your way!

Whether you make traditions or break them, Natural Grocers is here to help you have a good4u Thanksgiving everyone can enjoy


Mary's Free Range Turkeys: From farm, to Natural Grocers, to you

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Family-owned and operated since 1954

Since its start, Mary's Turkeys has been dedicated to humane animal practices and only the best husbandry standards. Now, Mary's sons, third-generation farmers, are bringing these same high quality standards to their free range turkeys, making them the best option for any Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Natural Grocers only partners with the best

At Natural Grocers, we don't work with just anyone. We don't sell just any product. Our standards are the highest in the industry, and when it comes to our turkey supplier, that's especially true. Mary's Turkeys embodies the good4u℠ qualities we value here at Natural Grocers, meeting all of our strict meat standards and then some.

Thanks to Mary's Turkeys and Natural Grocers, you're ready to plan a memorable good4u℠ Thanksgiving.

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