5 Ways to Prepare for Your “Turkey for Two” Thanksgiving

September 30, 2016

When we think of Thanksgiving, we often think of big meals with lots of family and friends. But it doesn’t always have to be a big feast, and we don’t always need a ton of guests in order to have a meaningful holiday meal.

For those of us spending Thanksgiving with that special someone, here are a few tips to help manage a more intimate meal.

1. Choose the turkey wisely.

A full turkey is probably way too much food for just two people (unless you’re planning on weeks of leftovers). Luckily, Natural Grocers offers delicious Free-Range, Non-GMO Mary’s Turkeys in bone-in breast options. You get all the delicious turkey meat, without the hassle of cooking, carving and saving a full bird.

2. Consider the sides.

Most big Thanksgiving Day meals include many, many (sometimes dozens!) of side dishes. But for your dinner for two, pick your three favorite side dishes. This will help cut down on prep time, and also cut down on the amount of leftover (and possibly wasted) food. Pick a veggie, a starch and then something you just can’t go without!

3. It’s more than just cutting portions.

Making smaller versions of your favorite dishes may require more than just cutting the recipe in half (or in quarters). Some dishes may need different prep, heating temperatures or ingredient ratios. Make sure to double check!

4. Prepare for leftovers.

Even with all your careful planning, you still may end up with leftovers. Which isn’t a bad thing! Consider packing leftover containers with meal-sized portions of each dish, making for easy grab-and-go lunches for the next week. For leftovers you think may take longer to finish off — freeze what you can. Here are a few of our favorite leftover recipes:

5. Try something new!

Trying a new recipe or a type of food you’re not familiar with can be daunting, especially if you’re cooking for a large group. Cooking for two can take some of the pressure off — so try something new, something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet. Need some ideas? Browsing the aisles of your local Natural Grocers is always a good place to start! We also have a complete list of good4u recipes here.

No matter how you’re spending this Thanksgiving, or who you’re spending it with, Natural Grocers has the 100% organic produce and good4u grocery selections you need to make the day a special one.

Written by: Dustin Diehl

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