6 Vegetarian and Vegan Substitute Ingredients You’ll Need This “Thanksveggie”

September 30, 2016

Thanksgiving may be known for the turkey, but that doesn’t mean vegetarians and vegans have to be left out! In fact, some of the best Thanksgiving Day dishes are veggie based. And with a few easy substitutes, even those recipes that aren’t traditionally vegetarian or vegan can join your Thanksveggie Day menu. Luckily, Natural Grocers is home to 100% organic produce, perfect for your favorite Thanksveggie dishes.

Here are a few of our favorite replacement ingredients:

1. Cheese < Soy, rice, cashew or nut cheese

If you’re looking for a non-dairy option, these substitutes work great especially when you consider taste and texture.

2. Milk < Soy, rice, almond, hemp, oat or coconut milk

Keep in mind that some of these milk alternatives behave differently in certain recipes. Make sure to check recipe specifics, or test out an ingredient substitute in a smaller recipe portion before preparing a big dish for your Thanksveggie Day meal.

Recipe: Try this Creamy Curry Cauliflower Soup, made with delicious coconut milk!

3. Eggs < Mashed bananas, ground flax seeds or apple sauce

These egg substitutes not only work well in recipes, they even add a bit of extra flavor absent from traditional egg-based recipes.

4. Butter < Coconut butter

Coconut butter, as you can imagine, is plant based, making it a great dairy butter alternative. However, it’s best in cooked dishes. Your guests may be surprised to spread a pat of coconut butter on their dinner roll!

Recipe: Our mouth-watering “Caramel” Apple Boats feature several butter alternatives, including coconut oil and almond butter!

5. Meat Proteins < Tofu, tempeh, lentils or legumes

While turkey is certainly the most popular Thanksgiving dish, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great meatless options, too! From the famed “tofurky” to legume-based alternatives and more — vegetarian and vegan guests are well covered this holiday.

6. Honey < Maple syrup

Honey is traditionally seen as a non-vegan food (since it’s derived from bees); however, an organic maple syrup is a fantastic plant-based alternative, both in consistency and flavor.

Through our Recipe Finder you can discover even more substitution options, in addition to delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes. And don’t forget to shop Natural Grocers for your good4u vegetarian and vegan needs. After all, our 100% organic produce means you don’t have to worry about the foods you’ll be serving friends and family this holiday.

What’s on your Thanksveggie menu this year?

Written by: Dustin Diehl

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