A Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

October 04, 2018

Close your eyes, no, wait, keep reading… but imagine in your mind a typical Thanksgiving feast. Are you picturing a plethora of food and gathering with the ones you love? No matter what images come to mind, maybe it’s grandma’s signature pie or the days upon days of leftovers, we know that Thanksgiving is a very turkey-focused Holiday, which, if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, may have you feeling left out. It doesn’t have to anymore. Natural Grocers’ in-house Natural Food Chef, Karen Falbo has developed a fantastically flavorful vegan/vegetarian feast in conjunction with two vegan pioneers—a husband-and-wife team known as The Doctor & The Chef—to make your Holiday a fun and festive plant-based celebration.

From our family to yours, have a Happy and Delicious Thanksgiving!

Vegan Menu


Pecan-Sage-Holiday-Loaf_200x200Spicy Roasted Chickpeas, Yes Please!

No chicks will be harmed in the making or eating of this spicy snack. Start your holiday celebration off on the right foot with this easy recipe for crunchy and savory roasted chickpeas. You and your guests will want to stay within reach of this tasty, pre-dinner treat!

Main Dish

Pecan-Sage-Holiday-Loaf_200x200Harvest Squash Stuffed with Tempeh and Pears

The wait is over. Finally, stuffing as a main course! This beautiful holiday centerpiece features traditional Thanksgiving flavors with a delicious kick of tart cranberry and sweet pears. Everyone at the table will want to share in the bounty of this harvest.

Pecan-Sage-Holiday-Loaf_200x200Pecan Sage Holiday Bake

This is one loaf that truly ‘rises’ to the occasion. When the Holidays are upon us, turn to this hearty, savory and nutty loaf as the centerpiece of your feast. We recommend using all of the optional ingredients for the ultimate loaf experience!

Vegetable Sides

roasted-carrots-pestoRoasted Carrots with Carrot Top Pesto

Who knew that carrot tops could make such a delicious, herby pesto that highlights the sweetness of roasted carrots perfectly? Well, the secret is out and we are sure your guests will be delighted by this unique recipe!


Pecan-Sage-Holiday-Loaf_200x200Cauliflower ‘n’ Cheeze

This spin on traditional mac ‘n’ cheese will surely please everyone at your Holiday table. It’s creamy, it’s easy, and it’s so good for you, too! This recipe is gluten free and dairy free but never free on flavor.



lemony-herbed-cauliflower-roast_200x200Lemony Herbed Cauliflower Roast

The ultimate in plant-based holiday roasts, serve this decorative dish as a side dish or as the main course. Feel free to break out the electric carving knife for a dramatic effect as carving. Top with Cranberry Apricot Sauce with Crystallized Ginger.


cranberry-apricot-sauce-with-crystallized-ginger_200x200Coconut Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Toasted Walnuts

You say potato, we say sweet potato! Creamy and decadent, this luscious dish is a perfect side to serve at your holiday feast. Try using garnet and purple sweet potatoes for the most vibrant colors.



braised-kale-with-shallots-and-slivered-almonds_200x200Braised Kale with Shallots and Slivered Almonds

Go green this holiday season with a flavorful and nutritious kale dish. It’s a wonderful way to balance out some of the heavier foods we indulge in during this festive, feasting time.





cranberry-apricot-sauce-with-crystallized-ginger_200x200Cranberry Apricot Sauce with Crystallized Ginger

Feeling saucy? Serve this sweet and tart sauce to your sweetheart and other loved ones at your holiday table. Serve over Lemony Herbed Cauliflower Roast and/or Pecan Sage Holiday Loaf.




Golden-Gravy_200x200bGolden Gravy with Shitake Mushrooms

It’s all gravy, baby—especially when your dish is covered by this flavorful, healthy, savory sauce. It’s the perfect way to make your Thanksgiving feast complete.





Decadent Chocolate Cupcake Bites

While this recipe contains some unusual ingredients (mashed potatoes and sauerkraut) the outcome is delish! These gluten-free and grain-free cupcakes are incredibly moist and unbelievably decadent.

Pecan-Sage-Holiday-Loaf_200x200Mini Apple Pie

Now you can have your pie and eat it too! Indulge without the guilt with your very own pie, mini pie, that is. These individual handheld apple pies are not only delicious, but are also gluten free, making them an excellent dessert for any holiday celebration. This is one dish you don’t have to share.



Written by: Liz Mueller

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