Frequently Asked Questions about Ordering a Turkey from Natural Grocerssm

August 25, 2020

Q: My plans changed, how can I request a refund for the turkey that I reserved online?

A: Contact our customer service at (303) 986-4600 x 80385 (M – F 9am – 4pm MT) and we would be happy to help you with a refund.

Q: How can I receive an extra $5 to spend on all my thanksgiving deliciousness?

A: In addition to our always affordable prices, {N}power members, who reserve their turkey in-store using their {N}power phone number or online using their {N}power email address by October 31st will receive a $5 {N}power reward valid 11/19/2020 – 11/25/2020.

Q: Why should I buy my thanksgiving turkey from Natural Grocers?

A: Because we have the highest quality turkeys in town! That’s why we partner with Mary’s, a family-run company, just like us, to provide you with the most delicious, wholesome turkeys. Mary’s emphasizes quality over quantity and prioritizes animal welfare over everything else. Their turkeys are fed a nutritious diet, free from animal by-products, antibiotics, arsenic-based growth promoters, and GMOs. Furthermore, they are not pumped full of other sly additives after harvest (trust us there are lots). They spend ample time outdoors roaming in areas four times the size of areas provided by the average commercial turkey ranch. When you buy a turkey from us, you’re getting the best quality, and you’re getting it from real people— the kind who could be your next-door neighbor. This is food you can trace every step of the way, from the ranch to your table.

Q: What’s the difference between the organic turkeys Natural Grocers sells, and the organic turkeys sold at other retailers?

A: We get our turkeys from Mary’s, a trusted, third generation family-run farm where they go above and beyond the organic requirements in multiple ways. We’ve seen first hand that they emphasize quality over mass-production. One way they go above and beyond the organic standards, and what may happen in the mass-produced organic turkey world, is space requirements. They ensure that their turkeys have true access to and spend actual time outdoors. They are also committed to being 100% antibiotic-free, including before the turkeys have hatched. You can rest assured that when you purchase your organic turkey from us, it hasn’t been mass produced, but has been handled with the kind of integrity that comes from being raised on a family farm.

Q: What size turkey is right for me?

A: Estimate between 1-2 pounds per person to ensure you have plenty of turkey for dinner as well as leftovers.

Q: Do I have to pre-order a turkey to get one?

A: No. But, by allowing pre-orders this ensures that the size you need is the size you get without having to scramble at the last minute to find the right size for your Thanksgiving dinner. If your plans for T-Day are not solidified yet, don’t panic, we generally have turkeys available up to the day before. Please call your store to check on availability, as our turkeys are so popular, we may run out.

Q: What is a heritage turkey?

A: We’re glad you asked! Mary’s is part of a small group of farmers helping to preserve descendants of the original American turkey, the turkey that our forefathers knew and cherished. This Heritage turkey can wander, fly, and breed naturally, just like their turkey ancestors, resulting in an uncommonly delicious turkey, full of succulent, juicy meat; and because they are naturally well proportioned, they have a larger quantity of flavorful dark meat. Consider yourself a foodie? Then this bird’s for you!

Q: Are the turkeys fresh or frozen?

A: They are fresh. Our Mary’s turkeys are deep chilled for freshness, never frozen (only the outer part will be hard), so you don’t have to spend days thawing. The advantage of deep chilling to 28°F at Mary’s in-house facility is that it preserves our fresh turkeys long enough to make it safely to your shopping cart, but still easily thawed and ready to cook.

Q: Are all the varieties of turkeys non-GMO and free range?

A: Yes! Whether you’re looking for free-range, organic, or Heritage, all the turkeys we sell are non-GMO and free range. They are never given antibiotics or other growth-promoting drugs, are never fed animal by-products and are provided with plenty of space, both inside and out, to range, get some sun, dust bathe, hunt for bugs, and get their turkey on. In addition to all these great things, our organic turkeys are fed only organic feed, which is naturally non-GMO, free from synthetic pesticide residues, and grown without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Q: What do I do if I need to pre-order a lot of turkeys?

A: If you’re ordering 5 or less turkeys, go ahead and place your order online or make your reservation at any Natural Grocers location. If you would like to pre-order more than 5 turkeys, please contact our turkey customer service line at (303) 986-4600 x 80385 (lines are open M – F 9am – 4pm MT).

Written by: John Dockstader

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