Natural Grocers Rustic Grain-Free Rolls

Natural Grocers

    45 to 50 minutes

    8 2-inch rolls

    We’re literally on a roll with this grain-free version of grandma’s favorite recipe. Pass the sans bread basket, please.


  • ¼ cup + 2 tablespoons (6 tablespoons) unsweetened, full-fat canned coconut milk
  • ¼ cup + 2 tablespoons (6 tablespoons) olive oil
  • ½ teaspoon molasses
  • ¾ cup tapioca flour
  • ¼ cup coconut flour
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon rosemary
  • 1½ teaspoons poppy seeds
  • 1 tablespoon sesame seeds
  • 1 egg
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  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Prepare a baking sheet with a piece of parchment paper.
  3. In a small saucepan, bring the coconut milk, olive oil and molasses to a gentle simmer.
  4. Remove from the heat and add the tapioca flour. Using a fork, thoroughly mix until a batter forms. Set mixture aside.
  5. In a separate mixing bowl, add the coconut flour, salt, baking soda, cocoa powder, rosemary, poppy seeds and sesame seeds and whisk to combine, breaking up any lumps.
  6. Once the tapioca mixture has cooled slightly (mixture should be lukewarm), add the egg and mix until thoroughly combined.
  7. Add the tapioca and egg mixture to the dry ingredients and stir until the mixture is smooth and uniform in color.
  8. Divide the dough into eight or five equal portions (depending on the size of roll you want) and use your hands to roll each into a smooth ball.
  9. Place them on the prepared baking sheet and bake until the rolls are just starting to brown, about 25 minutes for the smaller rolls or 30 minutes for the larger rolls.
  10. NOTE: This recipe was developed and tested at 5000 ft. elevation. For lower elevations, we suggest reducing the liquid by 2-4 tablespoons per cup called for, and increasing the baking time as needed.

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